Neil Parkinson

I just want to thank LCS Assistive Technologies that assist me for the last 5 years to all my needs when it comes to technology. When I got my first Android touch screen phone it was very difficult to use as a blind person. I was told by one of my friends about LCS and was added to their WhatsApp group as a member. They gave me so such pleasure when they assist me with my queries. Very professional I must say and friendly. I personally met Leon Swart the main Director of LCS that started the group and his wife Carol and he told me about NVDA screen reader. At that stage I was using the JAWS screen reader. Today I am using both. I am also using Windows10 professional and my Samsung A11 android cell phone. On the WhatsApp group we share a lot of technology’s when it comes to cell phones, computers, laptops and software’s. I learned so much and gain a lot of knowledge. Every day I am learning something new. At least now I can use my android phone and computer much more and understand how to use it. I am very proud to be associated with LCS Assistive Technology’s and to be a member. We all feel like family. Without LCS I will not know how I will cope. If you ask a question about your phone, computer, laptop, APPS and software there are always someone to assist you. Keep up the good work LCS and may you grow day by day bigger and stronger.

Louis Nel

I, Louis Nel was referred to this support group through a contact at blind SA. I recently lost my sight and it was very and is still very traumatic. I did not know who to turn to in terms of assistance with support with my electronic devises.

Well as other challenges I experienced.

Leon from this organization assisted me greatly with the installation of NVDA as well as other issues.

Melissa Crowley

I was introduced to the LCS Technology group 3 years after losing my sight. In the time prior I was mainly self-tutoring on various screen readers such as NVDA, Narrator, Voice Over and now recently Dolphin SuperNova, and became very frustrated when I had to perform my daily tasks on Microsoft Office and browsing the internet. I have only been on the group for a month but I have been assisted directly when I ask for assistance and indirectly when others get answers for their questions regarding their phones or PC’s. I make notes of anything I think might help me in future. I now see an improvement in how fast I navigate online or how efficiently I perform tasks in MS Office. I am grateful for a community that I can call on whenever I am stuck. I have literally been brought out of the darkness … I am still finding my feet but am looking forward to participating in the programs that are made available on the group.

PS. I think one day in the near future the group should have its own podcast discussing innovation for the visually/hearing impaired, if it has not already done that. I would definitely subscribe.

Siphokazi Mqhele

I am writing this being pushed by happiness and appreciation that is coming from the bottom of my heart. I cannot keep quiet my heart is full of many thanks.
I’ve joined your group on the twenty-sixth of July, since I’ve joined your group it’s like I know everything, because whenever I am coming across with problems in my phone you are always willing to answer me. Sometimes I learn things through others when they are seeking for information like me in the group. You guys are so helpful to the blind people. I wouldn’t be advanced the way I am if it wasn’t for you. Thank you guys for allowing me to join your group and introducing me in the technological advancements. Keep on by doing the good job and note that God is looking upon you and he blesses you.
I thank you.

Frans Neels

Since been a member of LCS Technology Group, I have been assisted on many occasions.
When I needed assistance with my Mecer Laptop, running Windows 10, using Office 2016 and Jaws Version 18. I needed help with on how to make fully use of the Excel program, also on how to convert Word documents to PDF and other formats to name but a few.

I also received assistance on the different features of the WhatsApp App and many other useful information. I learnt a lot and I also shared my knowledge with the other members on the group.
LCS Technology Group has certainly enriched my “IT Life”.


LCS Assistive Technologies helped me a lot with my phone but I would learn more about technology and it helped me with my Nokia 1 plus but it didn’t work out secondly I like the assistance that is given to the group every day and I would like to thank Leon for the service that he provides with his team .