Meet the Directors

Come and meet our directors and get to know them a little better.

Leon Swart

I was bore on the first of November 1957 in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape with Glaucoma and lost my eyesight at the age of eleven. I was introduced to Jaws for Windows and NVDA Screen-readers, as well as the Screen-readers on Android and Apple. I founded LCS Assistive Technologies on 8th  of September 2015, and Registered it as a Nonprofit Company on 27 September 2019. People are losing their eyesight and need Advice on the way forward.

Carol Swart

My name is Carol Swart and I am a sighted person. I love to assist people with disabilities, specially those with sight and hearing loss. I am a Director of LCS Assistive Technologies. Leon and I are married, therefore I can understand the frustration that a visually impaired person has to go through on a daily basis. My motto is “knowledge is power” and therefore we as a team can overcome all barriers.

Neil Parkinson

My name is Neil Parkinson.  I am from the friendly town called Despatch that is situated in the Eastern Cape about 30 kilometres from Port Elizabeth.  I lost my eyesight 24years ago, because of diabetes.  I don’t have any sight. 16 Years ago I started using Nokia with talks and for the last 8 years Samsung galaxy android with Eloquence as my speaking program.  I also use JAWS as my default speaking program on my computer and laptop and NVDA as my second speaking program as a backup.  I am using JAWS from 2002 and NVDA for the last 5 years.  Love technology and I am also a blind DJ in my free time. I’m enjoying that a lot.

Nicholas Stevens

On the 11th December 1992 in Eastern Cape I was born blind and diagnosed with Vitreoretinal Dysplasia. I was introduced to Jaws and most recently NVDA. I was introduced to the IOS platform in 2015. I love being a part of LCS Assistive Technologies, as I am passionate about seeing other blind people develop new skills.

Tracy Smith

I was born blind due to my optic nerve degenerating. I’m a musician, massage therapist and have a passion for training and helping others. I use Jaws or NVDA on my PC, and Talkback on my phone. I used to use Apple, but have been an Android user for the last 5 years. My motto in life is: “Never look down on others unless you are helping them up.”

Bulelani (Edward) Mnqayana

I was born on the 16th of June 1983 in the Eastern Cape, Engcobo. I grew up in the Eastern Cape and moved to Johannesburg in 1999 looking for job opportunities. I was born fully sighted and lost my sight in December 2015 due to hijacking injuries. Currently I am the Managing Director of Simanyene Construction and Projects in Johannesburg. I am using an Android Phone, Samsung 10+ and NVDA on my PC.