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Sonic Labeller

The Sonic Labeller is an audio labelling system for individuals who are blind or have low vision.
The system consists of a digital pen and labels which enables you to mark anything – even your frozen meat, etc. This can be played back to you when you scan over the label. Price: R1 000 excluding delivery.

Image of BrailleMe device


It is a device which has a refreshable Braille display.
It has the six typing keys Like the Perkins Brailler.
You can also connect it to your PC, Android or Apple devices via Bluetooth or USB. . It is compatible with VoiceOver, Android Accessibility Suite and NVDA.
While connected, you are able to read whatever is shown on your screen on the twenty-cell Braille display. Price: $500 excluding delivery.

Image of Smart Cane Device

The Smartcane

The SmartCaneTM device is a mobility aid for persons with visual impairments that fits onto the white cane and enhances its capabilities by allowing detection of obstacles that are above knee height and cannot usually be detected by use of the standard white cane alone.
It uses ultrasonic sensors for detection and provides information on distance to users through distinctive vibratory patterns. The device is capable of detecting obstacles in the range of 3 meters in long range mode (outdoors) and 1.8 meters in short range mode (indoors).
The pre-warning about the presence of the obstacles allows for easier avoidance of obstacles and path finding. Overall, the effective usage of SmartCaneTM device supports the greater independence and safety of visually impaired persons. Price: R1500 + vat, excluding delivery.

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